Madison Associates, LLC, a government relations firm in the nation's capital with offices on Capitol Hill, was founded on January 1, 2002. Members of the firm have extensive experience working in both the Administration and Congress, and have developed extensive contacts in Washington that facilitate efficient access to information and key decision-makers. We provide a unique and highly specialized set of skills to help our clients meet their goals in Washington.

The members of Madison Associates, LLC take pride in providing exceptional professional services in making an unremitting effort to meet the legislative goals of our clients. The members of the firm emphasize direct interaction with clients to analyze client issues and build strategic solutions to those issues we emphasize and are expert in structuring client issues to help insure a high probability of success. The firm prides itself not only on the development of strategic solutions to client problems that reflect legislative, regulatory and political realities, but also on implementing those strategies and carrying them to completion.

While the firm has primarily focused on seeking and obtaining client solutions within the Appropriations Committee, we have also had success in the legislative policy arena as well as impacting and modifying Administration policy, regulations and reimbursements. The firm has a consistent track record of successfully meeting client goals. Madison Associates, LLC is ready to address your challenges and opportunities in Washington.

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